PIBSAT vision is to strive for literate, tolerant and Progressive Pakistan. This leads to destination. Our Slogan is “To build the nation through education.”


To encourage the youth of Pakistan in acquiring the knowledge and education with determination, devotion and sincerity of purpose to pursue the noblest cause of “Serving the Humanity.”


  • To build good image of Pakistan, National Language and Muslims all over the world.
  • To build Entrepreneurship skills in youth so Pakistan will have a rich industrial setup in near future and consequently opportunities for employments for youth be possible.
  • To Share responsibility of government to reduce unemployment and create jobs.
  • To promote local industry by giving quality people to industries.
  • To build a paperless culture in business and workstations by introducing Information technology.
  • To conduct research oriented exercise which helps our academician, scholars and policy makers, and parliamentarians.
  • To develop market of local product of Pakistan abroad and penetrate in international market and increase international market share of Pakistan.
  • To make human resource who change status quo of the country and inculcate ability in youth to meet challenges of globalization.
  • To develop a databank as a repositories of important resource materials, including   areas of collaboration between Pakistan and the countries of its focus.
  • To prepare professionals or experts who can have the expertise on socio-economic    problems of a country.
  • To take up studies in the educational policies existing in the countries of its focus and play a major role in encouraging setting up of Pakistan Study Centers abroad.


Concern & Focus on all, Establish developmental communication system, encourage thinking process and on innovate learning system, Respect other values, norms and beliefs, Making partnership & liaison with Industries, provide best opportunities to students,

Believe in continuous improvement & Win Solution; inculcate an ability in students to meet global challenges and fulfilling dream of Quaid Azam and Poet of East by making Pakistanas bulwark of Islam.


PIBSAT has tried to make blend of theory with practical so its pass outs get jobs easily but they have capability to start their own business. PIBSAT tries to produce people are not hungry for jobs but who creates jobs, play their role as entrepreneurs, Industrialist are approaching them to get their services.

Plants are shaped by cultivation and human by education. Education gives what we do not have at our birth and which we need when we are grown up. The more our souls are filled, the more they expand; Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous. Those who educate their offspring well are more to be honored than parents, for these gave only life, those the art of living well. The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living from the dead.

An environment should be setup in the institute which has three core elements.
(1) The teacher acting as a Counselor/Coach/Guide,
(2) Allowing the students’ natural curiosity to direct their learning, and
(3) Promoting respect for all things and all people.